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Platforms For Investors 

There are many platforms for investors on the internet. However, not all of them work in the same way. Plus, the platforms vary according to the type of investors they welcome. But still, you can rest assured that there is an investment platform for everyone. No matter what level of investment skill or experience you have.  

RoboMarkets, E*trade, Robinhood, Ally invest, Stash are some of the best platforms for investors on the net. These platforms provide user-friendly interfaces and mobile apps. And some of them will let you start investing at as little as one dollar! 

The following discussion shall provide a complete overview of the different platforms for investors currently available and trending. If you are an aspiring investor, it can be a very helpful read.   

The Different Kinds Of Online Platforms For Investors? 

For the last two decades, the world of finance has gradually moved to the internet. And when people became fluent in online transactions, trades and investments went online too. With time, these platforms for investors took many forms. So, you need to find the suitable one for you before investing.  

There are broadly three kinds of platforms for investors on the internet. Firstly, there is the traditional stock trading platform. They usually operate through a user-friendly online interface or apps. Then there are just app-based online investment platforms which are relatively new. And lastly, there are fringe investment platforms.  

Online stock trading platforms are essentially online versions of brokerage houses. They usually have a strong foothold in the world of trading. And many of them have been conducting business with a good name long before the invention of the internet. Many of them have helpful apps and interfaces to help their clients.  

On the other hand, the concept of an investment app is relatively new. These online platforms exist after their app. In other words, if you are on these platforms you are more of an app user rather than a client.  

These apps and platforms have found quite some popularity among the younger generation because of their cheapness and ease of use. There are reasonable speculations that these kinds of platforms are the future of independent individual trading. 

Fringe investment platforms, on the other hand, are quite different. To be honest, these are not investments in the traditional sense. Instead, the more correct term for them should be betting or something similar. There is a serious risk in putting money on these platforms and is not suitable for novice investors.  

However, these are mostly sports betting platforms. So, if you have sound knowledge of sports and gain some experience on how these platforms work, you can make quick money with these platforms. In other words, you will get a very nice return on your investment in a relatively short amount of time.  

Some Of The Best Platforms For Investors Online 

If you are looking for the best platforms for investors then the following list might help you. The compilation was made keeping all the different kinds of platforms in mind. So, choose the type of platforms you are comfortable with.  


First let’s talk about our own proprietary platform RoboMarkets. We found our mobile platform with two visions. To create a hub for all sorts of trading and to create a trading mobile platform to make trading as simple, efficient and effortless as possible.  

With over 9000 trading instruments and tools, we ensure that our customers have every sort of resources required to create a worthwhile trading career. You can open a demo account to get some insight on how RoboMarkets works.  


If you have never invested before in your life and have no money and no experience on how the investing world works, then Robinhood is the most suitable platform for you. Because this platform was designed keeping those kinds of people in mind.  

Robinhood is a mobile app-based investing platform that offers free trades. And you can start with almost any kind of amount. The main purpose of the platform is to encourage the young and novice to invest. Plus, the interface is beautiful and very much user-friendly.  


E*trade started its journey in 1982 from California, United States. The company offers financial services through an electronic trading platform. You can buy and sell common stocks, mutual funds, fixed-income investments, and other financial assets through E*trade.  

One of the greatest features of E*trade is its state-of-the-art mobile platform. It is quick in performing tasks and provides a range of research tools to help the investor learn on the job.   

Ally Invest 

Ally Invest is another convenient platform for investors looking to trade in stocks. It is friendly for the young and new investors due to its relatively lower rates of trading. Plus, it permits seamless transition between banking services and investment in financial assets. 

If you are a beginner investor looking to work on financial assets but do not have a lot of money to spend, then ally investing might be one of the best platforms for you.  


This is also a mobile app-based platform similar to Robinhood. Stash welcomes the newbies by letting them start their investment journey with as little as a dollar one. Moreover, the platform will keep providing you with many helpful educational materials that will ultimately transform you into a professional investor.  

Although it has gained less attention than Robinhood, Stash is not in any sense less competent. Besides permitting the investor to start with a very little amount, it also presents a helpful user-friendly interface.  

What Are The Advantages Of An Investment Platform?  

The different platforms for investors have made it easy for virtually anyone to put their money to work. There are many advantages of using an investment platform. Let’s discuss some of them to further motivate you.  

Firstly, investing through an online or app-based platform is very much convenient. You can do your trading from the comfort of your home. Which lets you focus more on your strategy and increase the chance of success.  

Secondly, these apps and platforms help you to streamline all your trading operations. You can see all your stocks and trades in one place. Plus, the different tools, graphs, charts, bots on these platforms help you to get a more concise picture of what you are doing.  

Finally, if you are a beginner in trading, investment mobile apps can be very helpful for you. Even if you don’t make any money, you can learn a lot about investing by just being on the platform. Which is a reward in itself.  


The platforms for investors have made it possible for people of all standards to participate in the world of finance. Just make sure, you are choosing the right platform. One which suits your needs, talent, and experience.  

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